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Professional WebSite Design

Expert Advice To Make A Professional Website Design Plan

Unfortunately, for most small business owners, creating a professional website design can feel like just one more chore. Since so many objectives have to be taken into consideration. Most business owners are very busy and updating a website is the last thing they want to worry about. The bottom line is that every business should at least understand the benefits of creating a website. If, for no other reason, other than there are over 1.7 billion Internet users worldwide.

What’s more, 75% of users said they purchased something online. With the amount of people surfing the Internet, it’s important to have an online presence. And a website is an easy way to do it. When consumers conduct a Google search for a business, they potentially have thousands of choices. A great website design provides a good user experience that will help to attract people to your site, keep them there, encourage them to make a purchase and inspire them to return often. On the other hand, a bad user experience will send them running to a competitor.

Before we dive in, at  Innovate Biz Solutions  as a company that offers website designs and online digital marketing services. As someone who works in the SEO industry, We  understand how poor website design can impact how you rank in search engines.

While every business and website are different, there are some common elements that make a great website design that offers a positive user experience for visitors. Here are a few tips:

Professional website design

Start With a Multi Device Template Professional Website Design.

Your website is often the first impression a consumer will have of your business and brand and visual design is very important. Web builder templates give you a huge head start by providing you with professionally designed and customizable pages that are attention-getting, easy to follow and aesthetically pleasing. Typically, all you have to do is add your content, photos, colors and logo.

The process of developing a website design brief will in fact help establish a clearer understanding of your business. You will soon find that you will speak the language and close sales, sign up new clients just in your conversation alone.

What are your business goals?
– What do you want the website to achieve?
– Who are your customers?
– What are your products and services?
– What is your brand?
– What are the key search terms
your customers will use to find you?

Keep You Professional Website Design Clean and Simple.

If a website is difficult to follow or complicated to navigate, the customer will quickly exit the page in search of an easier site. Your main goal is to help website visitors find what they are looking for in the most efficient way. While this may sound simple, it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset of wanting to include too much on your site and making it more complicated than it needs to be. Simple is always better.

Make Your Navigation Bar Easy To Follow.

Finding your way through your site should be fast and easy. Typically, your site should have five basic sections: home, about us, products and services, your eCommerce store and a contact us page. Of course, this is a general guide, but your navigation bar should always be well organized and easy to follow. Also, it helps to have a “home” button on every page so website visitors always have a point of reference and can quickly return to the main page of your site.
Place Most Relevant Information Near Top Of Page.
It’s human nature to start at the top of a page and work your way down when you first open a web section. Make it easy for your customers and prospects by leading with the most important information and details that your customers are looking for.
Eliminate Any Unnecessary Pages And Steps.
Less is more when it comes to website design. Make the experience of finding and purchasing your products and services as easy as possible. When website visitors don’t have to spend time finding their way through your site, they can focus on the benefits of your products and services and clearly understand your brand advantages.
If you follow these steps you have  expert advice. As website designer we provide your customers with a great online user experience. I hope this helps! If anyone has used these strategies for their websites, share what worked for you along with any other tips you may have for creating a professional website design.
10 Reasons why a business should have a website
  1.  Websites are accessible 24/7.
  2. Website gives credibility to your operation – location, a face to the name.
  3. Website enables you tell your “whole story” – what you do, your skills, your community relations, your success stories.
  4. Google is a Power source of traffic. It will send you customers looking for your services for free.
  5. You can network online (this can be as effective as your offline network).
  6. Through websites you can reduce your support costs dramatically – provide FAQ’s online.
  7. Websites expose your business to a larger audience than traditional media can.
  8. Websites aren’t expensive compared to traditional advertising.
  9. You can sell products and services 24/7.
  10. It is a fact that everyday more and more people do their research on the web, then buy,
    don’t miss out.
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