Social Media Management


Having A Presence On Social Media Is Important!

Social networks have completely reshaped the landscape of human interaction and interconnection. The way we interact with each other, connect with the wider world, and share information has grown and changed with the advent of social media management. With this powerful and relatively new medium, we can integrate your business into thousands of lives and make its services available to you. It’s an AMAZING source of traffic!

Understanding of your business philosophy. Descriptive content creation with images, logo and website url. Usage of trending hashtags and keywords. Exposure of your business to the audience by creating compelling social media posts.

 INNOVATE BIZ SOLUTIONS provides Social Media Management services professional strategies to make your business stand out. Accurate research on product, market, and audience.

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Social Media Management

As your social media manager and content creator, we take care of business page setup and optimization. Creative unique social media content. Branded posts with your company logo. Do hashtag research. Schedule posts. 

We can administrate your profiles in a  specialized business manner with experience in the digital marketing industry. We can also provide you with these services.

Pinterest profile settings – LinkedIn profile settings – Instagram Marketing – Twitter Marketing – Facebook business page!

 LET’S GET your online presence strong and competitive! Get the best Social Media Management for your digital assets. 

Social Media management

What’s Hot Now

 Social media is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, providing incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers around the world. If you are not taking advantage of them, you are missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach nearly half of the world’s population.

Social Media Networks are the best way to share your ideas and increase your business and your fans economically. We will skillfully do the following jobs for you. Run your fb ad campaign by selecting the best audience. Professionally manage your FB page Set up your fb business page and create content..

 Facebook business page promotion Increase your followers and engages them.We will do all these services skillfully and efficiently to get your page and your business going up in the rankings

We would love to share our knowledge and experience.

Do you want to increase your number of followers on social media, generate leads with a high ROI, establish yourself as a thought leader or sell products directly? Create realistic goals (10 million new followers is NOT realistic) and stick with them. Make a plan to execute them. If you want to sell more products, focus on the right audience and refine your advertising copy. 

If you want to generate new leads, start creating more content and sharing. This is very imperative to understand.

Our Team will design attractive, unique, and branded posts for your product or services. This will Increase your Brand Recognition and boost your potential sales. Hashtags and keywords to boost SEO. Content curation Strategically content – distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Delivering your value proposition – ‘why’ someone should do business with you.

Stock and royalty images, hashtags, keywords, and added value to your social media.

Social Media Management

Thinking About The Future

Like all forms of marketing, you need to have a plan and goals in mind before starting this journey. If you don’t, you won’t effectively reach your ideal audience. You can’t just post on social media and hope for the best. You must post WITH PURPOSE.


Best for men and women ages 25 to 55


Popular with youth ages 18-35.


Men and women alike, ages 18 to 30.


Women and men aged 18 to 45


Women and men between 24 to 40 years

The biggest social media marketing mistake companies make is targeting the wrong people. Showing a 30-year-old English-speaking man an advertisement for a mystical maternity necklace in Greek is a waste of marketing money. These are the questions you should ask.

Who are we addressing men, women, mothers, athletes, fathers, fashionistas, etc.?

How do they use social media? What pages do they like, who do they follow, have they ever bought, do they like the videos or images, etc.? What is their income? Where they live? How active are they?

Basic Social Media

Management of 1 social media platform / 1 post per day + best hashtags + emojis + description $ 225 00 Weekly
  • Content Creation
  • Content Graphic Design
  • Best Niche Hash Tags
  • Channel Optimization
  • Posting Daily
  • Call to action
Pay Here Create whatever you need to make your social media profiles stand out. Starter

Standerd Social Media

Management of 2 social media platform / 1 post per day + best hashtags + emojis + description $ 400 00 Weekly
  • Content Creation
  • Content Graphic design
  • Best Niche Hash Tags
  • Channel Optimization
  • Posting Daily
  • Call to Action
Pay Here Professional social media manager to take care of your business profile. Popular

Premium Social Media

Management of 3 social media platforms / 1 posts per day + best hashtags + emojis + description $ 500 00 Weekly
  • Content Creation
  • Content Graphic Design
  • Best Niche Hash Tags
  • Channel Optimization
  • Posting Daily
  • Call to Action
Pay Here Our goal is to guarantee business growth by attracting the audience through creativity. Popular
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