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Why Local SEO Benefits is Important

Local SEO Benefits for brick and mortar local business, such as a store, service shop, or have people who visit your office frequently. You should consider doing an optimization of your website to make sure that people can find it. In the case of not having frequent visits to your business, but you are targeting an audience that is in the same geographical area, you should optimize it for this area. For small and medium-sized companies that want to compete on the same playing field as large companies with more resources at their disposal, having a strong local SEO strategy is crucial. adds value to your customer relations and bring benefits to the company.

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What is Local SEO

Regardless of the sector in which you find yourself, you will always have at least one competitor with more time of existence and who has allocated more budget and resources to increase visibility on the web and search engines. Perhaps it may seem futile to try to compete with them in the field of SEO. But local SEO plays with different rules. You do not need to have a large fund at your disposal, or hundreds of links pointing to your website to be visible and relevant to the local audience, you just need to understand the unique characteristics of local SEO and apply some simple strategies.

Set up Google My Business

First step is to link the Web Site page of your company with Google My Business. Google My Business, allows SMEs to update their information in Google Search, Google Maps and Blogger in one go, to ensure that a potential customer can find it wherever they are and on whatever device they are on. Local searches lead to more purchases than non-local searches, and verification of your Google My Business page allows you to monopolize most of the search results pages for your brand.

It is important to mention that anyone can edit the information by sending a suggestion to modify the information of your company, and this includes your competitors. So, once you’ve provided all the details to Google My Business , it’s important to sign in regularly to your Google My Business control panel to make sure no one has tried to make unwanted changes to your listing. Take advantage of the interesting features for businesses that Google My Business gives you, such as Google posts, booking button, messages, questions and answers, reviews, and analysis of stats.

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Reviews Generate Credibility for Customers

Google considers that the reviews left by your customers are an important factor to classify. However, the comments are for Google users who see your company in the search engine. Peer-to-peer reviews are important because they give your potential customers an idea of ​​how to use your products or services. Internet has leveled the playing field for small businesses around the world, through the power and exposure of online reviews generated by users. Search engine spiders verify that the content is unique and updated frequently, and user reviews are a simpler way to create this.

The content generated by users is usually exclusive, therefore, it is content different from the generic content used mainly by sites with electronic commerce, which use the content generated by the manufacturer of the product or service they sell.

This, combined with the fact that the words and phrases used by reviewers are often the same as those used by search engines, increases the chances of a good ranking for search queries that are relevant to your product. When you consider that 88% of buyers read the reviews of the products before making any purchase. You will understand that it is a safe bet to assume that more and more consumers will search for the name of a product along with the Key Word. Have your visitors start by simply clicking on a button on your website to make it easier for them to post their review, ask visitors to leave a review after buying something or visit a particular landing page or talk directly to people in your area. shop or company to leave an opinion.




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