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Designing Sites For Search Engines And Directories

Summary: In terms of layout, many web sites are not designed for optimum search engine and directory visibility. People or companies seem so centred on their corporate or personal images, products, and services that they neglect to design their web sites with search engines and directories in mind. Keywords: designing,sites,websites,for,search,engines,and,directories Article Body: In terms of

Google Algorithm Update Jagger

Summary: Google algorithm update from October 2005 was called Jagger. The Jagger update has had a serious effect on the way companies use search engine optimisation to influence ranks. Keywords: search, engine, optimisation, seo, weekly, google, yahoo, yahoo!, msn, mns, goggle, gooogle, googl, optmization, sem, se, advertising, ads, online, internet, adwords, overture Article Body: This

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